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Talent sourcing beyond LinkedIn remains critical to a company's success
The UAE Career Fair held last month brought together 31 Dubai government entities and 800 job opportunities.
Knowing how to effectively source, recruit and train talent is now more important than ever before.

While the rise of professional networks has conceptually made finding the right people easier, the increasingly competitive landscape of the process has turned the actual practice of recruitment even more competitive.
As such, knowing how to effectively source, recruit and train talent is now more important than ever before.
Long gone are the days when just the talent that approached the corporate recruiter or hiring manager delivered a qualified enough pool to select from.
Now, in order to attract and then retain the right employees, recruiters must develop aggressive talent acquisition strategies.
Just last month, the UAE Career Fair was held that brought together 31 Dubai government entities and 800 job opportunities.
Different departments held job interview, assessments for qualifications, and interactive workshops across a spectrum of specialisms and professional levels.
The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai Customs and the upcoming Dubai Parks and Resorts all attended the exhibition seeking to recruit new graduates.
However - and especially for smaller businesses - if you don't know where to look, or if you focus too narrowly on just traditional sourcing methods like exhibitions and career fairs, you could be losing to the competition.
"Great leaders hire outstanding people and feel comfortable knowing that those within their ranks bring intelligence and potential to the job," said Andy Jennings, President and CEO of the recruitment agency, Lucas Group.
"Thus, the most important task that senior executives face is to hire smartly and manage wisely. Everything else is secondary," he added.
While professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn are a start, in no means are they enough to rely on.
Job seekers now go beyond LinkedIn to search for jobs, and efficient recruiters are taking notice and beginning to search for both active and passive candidates via Facebook and Twitter.
Discussion forums are also a great way to find thought leaders in any industry, as well as candidates with hard-to-find skills or technical backgrounds. Creative professionals that are passionate about their field in can often be found in the very active forums of platforms like DigitalPoint or Wordpress.
Additional forums can be found on LinkedIn in the form of skills-based or career groups, and other thoughtful discussions can often be found through Twitter, Facebook, and even in the comments section of quality industry news stories.
Through these Websites, recruiters can quickly find out who has authority in the field, who are critical thinkers, and who truly possess the skills necessary to succeed in a position.
Understanding where the audience and thought leaders are most active and then creating more enticing content to engage with them on those platforms also gives an added competitive advantage in seeking top tier talent.
It is also important to note that just because networking platforms allow convenience in finding pools of people, choosing to not treat every talent individually will only prove to be counterproductive.
Never is it enough to simply reach out to candidates with an interview opportunity with a mass e-mail approach. Recruiters need to invest the time to craft a custom message that speaks directly to that specific talent and inspires action through some research. This allows fine-tuning your recruiting message so it aligns your recruitment strategy with candidates' values and career goals, helping you attract talent that embodies your organisation's mission and culture.
Accordingly, planning a recruitment strategy such as adding a resume upload form on the company Website or partnering with a staffing consultancy well before a vacancy arises allows the business to refer back to specific candidates whenever an appropriate opportunity arises.
It is not an absolute plan but looking beyond LinkedIn, steering away from mass e-mails, and adopting continual recruitment are three simple steps that can give any recruiter a considerable head start than those who simply don't.

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