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Medical tourists flock to Dubai for 'fertility'
48% of patients come from the GCC.

Infertility treatment was the main reason for medical tourists to flock to Dubai in the first half of this year, according to a recent survey by the Dubai Health Care City (DHCC). In fact, 80 per cent of tourists come to the emirate seeking the high quality medical treatment and experienced doctors, DHCC observed.
Apart from infertility, dentistry, cardiology, orthopedic and aesthetic procedures are also popular with medical tourists, DHCC said.
GCC nationals topped the list of medical tourists at 48 per cent; followed by 32 per cent from the Arab World; 26 per cent from East and West European countries; and 23 per cent from Asian countries, according to the survey.
DHCC added 80 per cent of the medical tourists preferred being treated in the emirate because of the high quality of medical treatment here - 61 per cent for the high experience of the doctors and medical experts; 48 per cent for the availability of the required treatment; and 36 per cent for the good geographic location of the emirate from their home country.
The survey was conducted in 120 hospitals, clinics and medical centers in the first half of the year, and it expects the number of medical tourists to increase noticeably in the coming years.
It added that 94 per cent of the medical establishments at DHCC attract medical tourists through their websites and through online advertisements in the social media channels.
The survey showed that 32 per cent of the medical tourists to the emirate focus on the cost of treatment and health insurance; 23 per cent focus on post-treatment period; 16 per cent focus on cost of travelling and accommodation; and 13 per cent focus on the rules and regulations regarding their treatment.