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How to save money when travelling
Money saving travel tips will ensure you get the best out of your trip, for less.
These money saving travel tips will ensure you get the best out of your trip, for less.

With the holiday season fast approaching, booking a trip away is most likely on your radar. It's easy to assume any trip will break the bank and will inevitably end up going over budget, but it doesn't have to. If you're smart with money before you hit the road and research before booking flights and accommodation, you could see your money stretch further.
These money saving travel tips will ensure you get the best out of your trip, for less.
Put money aside
In the weeks or even months leading up to your trip, start putting small amounts of your salary aside. That way you will accumulate spending money, without leaving yourself short in the month you travel.
Airport lounge access
While it might be assumed to be the case, airport lounges are not only for VIPs and frequent flyers. Some allow access for a small fee, or alternatively, you can choose a credit card which offers Airport Lounge access as one of the benefits and you'll get in for free. Many credit cards also offer air miles (so you can upgrade) as part of the benefits too. So do your research. If you travel frequently, choosing a card which offers these as benefits could save you a noticeable amount of money.
Book flights at the right time
The flight systems are loaded first thing every morning, so flights which were on hold overnight get released. This normally happens around 1.00am, so while it's not exactly ideal, it could see you getting a business class seat for less.
Departure time
Morning flights are often cheaper, especially those in the very early hours. Flying midweek, will also cost less. No one wants to fly during the week as it means losing extra holiday days, so if you are prepared to avoid flying on Thursdays and Saturdays you will save. Airlines don't like empty seats on flights so they lower the fares to encourage more bookings during those less popular days.
Be flexible about airports
Sometimes airports just outside of your destination city can be cheaper to fly into. As long as there is easy and cheap onward transport, it could be worth your while to arrive at the alternative.
Frequent flyer clubs
Being a member of frequent flyer clubs means you stand the best chance of a 'cabin roll' on overbooked flights. This means your economy ticket could magically turn into a business class one. So be sure to sign up.
Pack airport snacks
Food and snacks can be expensive at the airport. Take some with you in your hand luggage and you will save not only money, but also the stress of having to queue to pay for food.
Compare hotel rates online
When you're looking for a hotel, don't book the first rate you see. Use hotel booking aggregator sites, such as Expedia or Trivago to compare rates. Once you've got an idea of rough cost, head to the hotel's official website and check the rates there. Even if the rates are the same, booking directly with the hotel could get you additional perks, including free Wi-Fi, a complimentary upgrade or free breakfast.
Avoid room service
Avoid the mini bar and room service. It's obviously very convenient, so the prices are marked up for that same reason. Instead, pick up some bottles of water and your favourite drinks from the nearest supermarket (or airport), and go and explore outside of the hotel to find some cheaper eats.
Don't pay for Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi costs can add up very quickly especially if you're a family or if you're working while you're away. Always aim to book a hotel with free Wi-Fi. Some hotels offer free Wi-Fi to loyalty card members so it's worth checking prior to booking.
Get a local sim card
Using your phone abroad can end up being very expensive, so whenever you're travelling, take an unlocked phone with you. Once at your destination, pick up a local sim card and sign up for a pay as you go plan. Most will also give you data so you can use the internet and phone apps.