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Convenience at your fingertips
As the world dances to the tune of digital trends, banking has taken a step further to bring convenience to its clients via online and mobile banking.
Complementary to cosmopolitan lifestyles, customers can hook up their smartphones to receive real time alerts and messages on the go.

The era of smartphones is here to stay, as mobile apps continue to bring people closer to convenience. Tasks such as accessing bank accounts to scheduling a package collection and paying utility bills, for example, have become far easier to handle. Besides reducing waiting lines as well as the need to commute, residents can perform these at any time of the day from anywhere in the world.
As the entire world dances to the tune of digital trends, banking has taken a step further to bring convenience to its clients - online and mobile banking. From a business' perspective, the oncoming of the digital era has wiped out most of issues (though some form of human error persists), and improved the entire spectrum.
Besides relieving people of tedious, routine work and minimising errors, it has helped organisations reach out to customers and offer them a more refined outlet to maintain their needs - be it shopping or managing finances. The addition of websites, online tools and mobile apps keeps one socially engaged and informed of his/her credit statement.
Furthermore, as companies are able to provide services beyond its regular working hours, they can improve their relationship with clients.
In a metropolitan country such as the UAE, it is easy to spot people glued to their mobile devices. With incredible deals on data packages, most residents have a monthly Internet subscription that allows them instant access to the World Wide Web. Consumers can easily sign up for offers at an instant, request documents, and even settle relevant issues without the need to physically go to an outlet. The safety of these apps further plays a role in online trends. Information is protected and privacy secured.
Digital solutions have also led to the introduction of various programmes designed to reward loyal consumers with a chance to win cash and other prizes. Usually, customers can take part in a lottery by following simple steps such as logging online, using a service through its respective website or mobile app, etc.
Embraced for its convenience and user-friendliness, more tech-savvy residents prefer to deal with banks and retail outlets on a digital platform and are always on the lookout for competitive rates and good deals, besides money-saving options.

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