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Car sales transaction is completely online now
New system doesn’t require buyer or seller to visit registration centres.

Dubai: Buyers and sellers of used cars in Dubai can now finish their transaction online and don’t have to be present at the Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) registration and testing centres to complete the process, RTA announced on Saturday.
Until now, to complete any car sales or purchase, both the seller and the buyer had to personally visit the registration centre to complete the process.
RTA has now done away with the requirement in cases where a person is buying a used or a new vehicle from car showrooms.
“RTA has provided most of the used car showrooms in Dubai access to its sales transaction system that will reduce the steps required to process a car sale or purchase,” said Ahmad Hashem Behroozian, CEO of RTA’s Licensing Agency.
He said that a number of car showrooms have already acquired the facility that will ease the process for all parties concerned.
“We are reaching out to all the showrooms. Already a lot of showrooms have the access and the ID card readers required to register the transaction. Once the Emirates IDs of both the buyer and seller are scanned and the details of the vehicles are entered in the system, a traffic file will be automatically created in our system. Then the buyer and seller can send anyone to complete the transaction,” he added.
He said that the system was introduced to protect the rights of both parties.
“We have come across a lot of complaints about fraud and cheating. In many cases people are hesitant to make payments or hand over the vehicles. This system aims to sort out a lot of issues. With this system, once the transaction is done online, a buyer can confidently pay the money and take the car or send any of his representatives for testing and registration,” he said.
He also said that the system also protects the seller.
“The system makes life easy for a used car dealer. He doesn’t have to personally visit the registration centre any more. Just complete the transaction online and hand over the car to the buyer or his representative. If the buyer doesn’t have time, the job can be done by the seller’s PRO or the buyer’s representative,” he explained.
RTA is not charging any additional fees and the only document required is the Emirates ID of both the buyer and the seller besides the details of the vehicle.

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