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Black widow spider found on Ras Al Khaimah farm
Black widow spider spotted on RAK farm
Different types of bugs and insects are a common sight on most farms in the area, especially in scorching summer temperatures.

In an unusual incident, a black widow spider was found at a farm in Ras Al Khaimah in the Ghalilah area, on the third day of the Eid Al Fitr holiday.
The Emirati owner of the farm instatly alerted RAK Municipality, which took immediate action and dispatched a specialist anti-bugs team, which promptly killed the spider and disposed off its eggs. They also repellant sprayed the entire farm and its residential unit.
Munzir bin Shukr Al Zaabi, Director General of RAK Municipality, said the anti-bugs team sprayed Al Ameri's house and farm with the suitable insecticides. "The civic body urgently responds to such emergency cases."
A summer spray keeps the pests away
The farm owner, Mohammed Saeed Al Ameri, said his children discovered the poisonous spider. "They were playing on the farm when they spotted it," Al Ameri said. "My kids, eight and 12 years old, brought me the strange spider on a piece of wood.
He added that different types of bugs and insects were a common sight on most farms in the area. "Most of these creatures grow and spread on farms, in these scorching summer temperatures."
Eng Suzan Salem told Khaleej Times that the female black widow spider is a venomous one. "Only the female of the species is dangerous to humans, while the male spiders are harmless. Even then, the female black widow's bite rarely causes death, as it injects only a very small amount of poison."
She advised using certain pest control methods, particularly to keep spiders at bay. "Storing boxes or any other item under the bed is not advisable; all boxes must be tightly sealed before storage." Household waste should be disposed off regularly, and the outer perimeter of the house kept free of tall grass, weeds or shrubs, she urged. Wearing gloves and covered shoes while working outdoors is important, as is screening gaps and spaces under furniture, closets, heaters, around baseboards etc.
"Regularly check your window and door screens, and seal the cracks and access holes for electrical conduits and plumbing. Remove any spider webs or egg sacs when found, and contact pesticide control if needed," Eng Salem said.
Al Ameri, the farm owner, also urged that young children be educated on different kinds of spiders, especially the poisonous ones out there.

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